I am back at work after having a great vacation in Mississippi.  I could have done without the 14 hour drive to and fro, but the time spent there was worth it.  Wayne’s family lives out in the country on 59 acres of land (most of which is tree farming).  It was amazing to see the kids have so much space to run and roam and explore and play.  They loved it and didn’t want to leave!  My favorite was watching them on this rope swing in a tree not too far from the house.  They played on that swing for hours on end, and I never got tired of watching them.  Jake went fishing and both he and Cami got to drive a 4 wheeler for the first time.  Reese had fun in the pool and spending time outdoors watching her sister and brother.   
Here are some of my favorite photographs from the trip…






notice my obsession with the swing…




watching their big brother…



vacation time

I’ve been slacking on the blog, so I wanted to update it before I left for vacation.  I will be leaving tomorrow for Mississippi and will return on Monday, June 29th.  We are driving (wish me luck), so hopefully I’ll find some interesting things to photograph along the way.  I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t posted any photos in two weeks.  So here are two of my favorites from this weekend’s mini sessions.
I have watched and photographed the boys, N and M, as they have grown up over the past 6 years (isn’t that crazy?).  I love seeing them every time. 

And I couldn’t resist the image of K because she looks so beautiful and relaxed.  Enjoy!  I’ll write when I get back in town…


one year old!

Today I photographed two of my favorite kids, D and K.  K is turning one in a few weeks, and the session was for her one year photos.  I have watched her grow over this past year, so it was a treat for me to photograph her at this big milestone.  She is just the sweetest baby.
We started out in the studio, but K was not so thrilled – she wanted to be free!  So, we moved around and found some beautiful window light for her closeups.  I love the last snuggly photo at the end, with K’s hand on her big brother’s cheek. 








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