Away from Work!

Well, I made it back from the cold in Mississippi and Alabama!  We had a quick family visit in Mississippi and then headed to Alabama for a conference.  But, we did get to finally meet our beautiful new nephew, Tyler.  He is so adorably big and delicious that I couldn't resist posting a few images of him.  I can't wait to see him again and watch him grow.

But first, here is an image of our beautiful view when we woke up on Sunday morning at my mother-in-law's home in Mississippi.  I'm still going through all of my photos, so I'll post some more at a later date.






Adorable Valentine Wallets and Vacation Notice

As promised, here are the samples of the Valentines Day wallets.  These can be ordered as an add-on for my Valentine's mini-session clients or can be purchased from any of my client's holiday sessions.  The cost is $20 for 8 wallets.

Also, I will be out of town from this Friday until next Friday, the 23rd.  We will be in Alabama for a conference and in Missisissippi visiting Wayne's family.  It is going to be brrrr cold, but I'm looking forward to some time off!  Of course, I'll have my camera with me, and I'm hoping to snap a few of our beautiful new nephew while I'm there.  If I get a minute, I'll post some on the blog while I'm gone.

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Diana Starkman - Wow, Alison this site is beautiful. I will forward it to all of my friends. Hope you had a great Valentines’s Day. Talk to you soon. Diana

Fun at 40!

What a great party this was!  One of my wonderful clients threw a 40th birthday party for her husband at the Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach.  The cocktail hour was in this fabulous suite – the decor in the room was amazing and I could probably post 10 photos on the light fixtures alone! I had a great time finding interesting places in the suite to photograph the hosts and their guests. 

Everybody was so happy to be there for the guest of honor, and it truly was a pleasure for me to be there to photograph this event.  Most of all, it is a treat for me to photograph a couple who really loves eachother, like this couple does.   Thanks for letting me a be a part!




I LOVE this photo of him


Home for the Holidays

My friend, Tracy, who is a wonderful photographer in Texas, came into town over the holidays to visit with her family.  I was very flattered that she asked me to take their large family portrait at the beach.  Everybody was great, very laid back and relaxed.  I was actually a little nervous to photograph a photographer, but I think the photos came out great.  How adorable is Tracy's son?  He has the most amazing eyelashes I have even seen! 

You could see the love between the family, and I was very happy to be there to capture it.