jack {weston teen photographer}

For Jack’s pre-bar mitzvah photo session, we photographed in two places he loves – the baseball field and the beach.  I loved getting to know him; he is a great kid, sporty, funny, quiet, happy, loves his family, and has great taste in music.  Hanging out with him and his family at the beach was great, mostly because they really have fun together.  Their love and closeness is so evident and special, and I loved capturing these wonderful moments.  Looking forward to Jack’s bar mitzvah day!!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!  xoxo

gabbi and bella {fort lauderdale teen photographer}

The bond between sisters can so be so extraordinary, and these two girls have this bond.  I loved photographing these two beautiful sisters and how sweetly they interact with each other.  Our urban session was a lot of fun – I found this cool bus sitting in the middle of an empty parking lot in the FAT Village area with some cool guys living in it who were fine with us using it for a backdrop for some photos.  The girls were natural, easy going, gorgeous, talented, and most importantly kind.  Thank you for such an enjoyable session, and I hope that you enjoy your Sneak Peek! xoxo

andie and bella – bff session {south florida teen photographer}

I was beyond happy to spend time with these two beautiful and funny friends while they were down visiting from New York.  I’ve known Andie since she was born, and I’m pretty sure that her and her sister’s wardrobe dressed Reese for many years of her childhood.  It is funny how life comes around – Andie’s mom is one of my best friends since I was  7 years old, and now I get the chance to photograph Andie and one of her BFFs.  In the midst of all life’s craziness right now, it’s great to have moments like this.  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!  xoxo

alex’s bar mitzvah {south florida bar mitzvah photographer}

I have had a difficult time motivating myself to blog and post Sneak Peeks since the unspeakable shooting occurred at Stoneman Douglas High School.  It has affected too many of us in the South Florida community and across our country, and I, like many, have felt like I’ve been living in a fog of the aftermath.  The sadness and anger that have been with me since the shooting have felt paralyzing at times, but I needed to remind myself how life is a gift, and each day we are given is a blessing.

And so, for the beautiful Hoffman family, I am happy to share these images from Alex’s very cool, car themed bar mitzvah at the Biltmore Hotel last weekend.  Alex is an amazing guy who is smart, fun, caring and a great friend.  He was surrounded by school friends and camp friends, who couldn’t wait to celebrate with him.  The backdrop of the Biltmore Hotel for our images was gorgeous, the bar mitzvah service was meaningful with lovely readings from friends and family, and the party was filled with lots of dancing and candy!  Thank you for having us there to document Alex’s big day, and enjoy your Sneak Peek! xoxo