this is first grade! {south florida children photographer}

Meet Remy! She is a sweet first grader who loves to dress up, play the guitar, read, hide under the bed, collect cute toys, and who definitely loves Elsa and the movie, Frozen. She has such a cute disposition, and is very fun to hang out with. Her room is the epitome of a little girls room, with dolls, lip gloss, barbies, legos, family photographs, and adorable clothes and costumes. I had fun while she showed me all the cool stuff in her room, and it really shows who she is right now in first grade. Enjoy your Sneak Peek!! xoxo

sophia {fort Lauderdale child photographer}

Meet Sophia!  She is a very busy kindergartner, who loves reading, legos, shopkins, puzzles, workbooks, playing her violin, and most of all, her brother, Eli.  Sophia was so much fun to photograph in her beautiful, girly, sweet pink room.  I loved documenting all the stuff she likes to do and the toys she plays with.  And, part of documenting this stage in her life as a kindergartner was capturing the adorable bond between her and her little brother.  When she read, he wanted to read.  When she played with her doll, he wanted to play too.  When she climbed and jumped on her bed, he was right in there with her.  She was like a little mother hen to him, reading to him, and then telling him to read, snuggling him and simply loving on him.  These “This is Me” sessions are quickly becoming some of my very favorites, and from these images, you can see why!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!  xoxo

sarah {south florida teen photographer}

I was so happy to spend time with Sarah during our photo shoot for her bat mitzvah.  We didn’t have a real plan, but just an idea of what we wanted.  Andy was kind of enough to drive us all around, while we hopped out of the car to take photographs in all different places, and it worked out perfectly.  Sarah is a joy to be around; she is incredibly athletic, smart, funny, beautiful inside and out, and the kind of person who has that special something people love to be around.  She is also brave and strong, and at the same time, I admire her and am proud of her.  I am very happy that I get to be a part of her bat mitzvah, and also appreciative that Debbie and Andy have had me photograph her and their family since Sarah was so little.  Sarah – you are amazing, and I hope you enjoy your Sneak Peek!  All my love, xoxo.


Lisa Septoff - Absolutely gorgeous!

this is 2nd grade! {south florida child photographer}

Meet Taylor and Kailey!  They are sisters, twins and adorable second graders, who are beyond sweet, silly, and full of energy.  Their bedroom was so colorful and full of toys for them to play with, and I loved documenting them with their stuff, doing their thing, and simply having fun.  They showed me dolls, babies, books, iPads, basketball skills, pillows, a scary pirate imitation, and of course, their dog.  And, they really really love their dog (I kind of fell in love with him too).

I am absolutely loving these “This is Me” sessions, and having the chance to photograph these amazing kids surrounded by what they love.  Enjoy your Sneak Peek! xoxo

jason and ryan {weston bar mitzvah photographer}

Jason and Ryan’s bar mitzvah this past Saturday was such a fun-filled event, and we loved being there to document it for the Bejar family!  Jason and Ryan are great, relaxed, easy going kids, and I could see how much they enjoyed all of their family and friends who were celebrating with them.  Their party was incredibly fun, and MC Alberto with Pure Energy kept the dance floor filled all night!  And, to top it off, the boys got to take pics with a Lamborghini!  Thank you for having us be a part of such an amazing celebration!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek! xoxo

Synagogue and Party Venue – B’nai Aviv

Photography – Alison Frank Photography

Assistant Photography – Heather with Heather Coronel Photography

DJ Music Entertainment – MC Alberto with Pure Energy

Room Decor and Design – Petal Productions

Videography – David Sheriff Video Productions