this is 3rd grade! {south florida lifestyle child photographer}

Meet Drew!  He is an awesome, cute as can be, smart, busy, third grader.  I followed him to his room so he could show me all of his cool stuff, and he even had a TO DO list to make sure that he remembered all the specific cool stuff he had to show me.  And, he used that TO DO list, crossing off things like “green blanket,”  “tent,” and my favorite, “hide under the bed.”

This is why I love these “This is Me” sessions.  When I think about what I love about photography and why I even became a photographer, it traces back to my love of documenting and photographing children.  But not just happy, posed children.  I love photographing children smiling, pouting, serene, happy, dancing, playing, snuggling, crying, sleeping – anything that shows them being themselves, doing their thing, surrounded by things they love that are part of their personality at the age they are now.

And right now, Drew is in 3rd grade.  He loves legos, magic, Five Nights of Freddies, his iPad, his robot, reading, guitar, and his adorable green blanket.  Next year, he may like something different.  And years from now, he might now even remember how much he loved the things he loved in 3rd grade.  But, we made these images together, in his childhood room, and now not only will he be able to remember them, but he will be able to see them.  And that is like treasure.

alex {south florida teen photographer}

For Alex’s car themed photo session, we went from the top of the line with gorgeous luxury and exotic sports cars at The Fort Lauderdale Collection, to the junkyard, where we used rusty hubcaps and scrap cars as our backdrops.  We definitely had adventures in both places, whether it be mistakenly setting off a car alarm for a Maserati or trying not to dent an already dented car when Alex dumped off the hood. I always love spending time with Melanie and her boys, and getting to know Alex a little better before his upcoming bar mitzvah was a treat.  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!  xoxo


Today, I lost my friend.  Her family lost a loving mother, a beautiful wife, a sweet sister and a caring daughter. Many lost their close friend, and then others from all over the world lost the most incredible, dedicated advocate for finding a cure for stomach cancer.  Debbie truly was amazing – after being diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer at age 40 with three young children, not only did she not give up, but she fought so hard for the last 9 1/2 years to be with her family, and beyond that to create a non-profit, Debbie’s Dream, that would champion the cause of finding a cure for stomach cancer.  With everything she gave of herself, her most important role was being a mother, and it meant everything for her to be around for her children. She inspired me and so many others to be strong, fight for what is important to us, and to always give back.

I met Debbie in college in our sorority.  We lost touch after school, but reconnected years later at a campaign fundraiser for a mutual friend.  And, then when Debbie was diagnosed and started her grassroots organization, Debbie’s Dream, I was lucky to be a part of the beginning, and I became a sort of historian for the organization and for Debbie.  I have years of images of Debbie, not only at Debbie’s Dream functions and meetings, but also of her family portraits that we took every year.  Photos were so important to Debbie, and she truly loved them, and I am blessed to have been able to document so many moments for her through this journey.  I loved being her friend, I love her family and am heartbroken for them, and I love being a part of Debbie’s Dream, watching it go from a meeting of volunteers at a neighborhood clubhouse to becoming a nationwide organization that spearheads stomach cancer research and patient advocacy.  With these images, I hope you can see how she literally shines from the inside out.  My dear, amazing, smart, beautiful, funny, dedicated friend – you are already missed by so many.  I love you.




amanda and emily {university of miami graduation photographer}

Amanda and Emily are sisters, twins, friends, pole vaulters, fishing captains, and now graduates of the University of Miami.  They are sweet, smart, laid back and just fun to be around, and I loved spending time with them while we walked around the campus at the University of Miami on their graduation day for graduation portraits of them.  I am excited for everything that is ahead of you and all the adventures that are yet to come!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek (and Hawaii)!!  xoxo


brothers {fort Lauderdale teen photographer}

I absolutely loved spending time with these brothers during our downtown photo session, and seeing what incredible young men they have become.  I can picture them as little boys, climbing trees and running through the grass during old photo sessions.  And now, one is in college and the other a junior in high school, and they are not only close brothers, but friends as well.  I truly treasure seeing children grow up from behind my lens, and I am grateful for the wonderful parents who have me document them through the years.  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!  xoxo