taylor {fort lauderdale high school senior photographer}

Meet Taylor, Class of 2018 from Western High School.  She is not only beautiful, but she is beyond sweet and smart and very fun to spend time with.  We literally ran around town, chasing the light, looking for cool backgrounds, and turning our photo session into one big adventure.  Knowing Taylor since she was little just makes photographing her and documenting her during her senior year that much more special.  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!  xoxo


the langston family {fort lauderdale destination family photographer}

What a fun family and a great photoshoot this was!  I truly enjoy meeting and photographing visiting families during destination photo sessions.  This family was down from Atlanta, enjoying the beach, their family vacation time, and our crazy South Florida weather.  There was a lot of playing around, snuggling and chasing, and I was happy to be able to document it all!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!  xoxo

hayley {weston senior photographer}

Meet Hayley, Class of 2018 at Cypress Bay High School.  She is an amazingly talented and dedicated dancer, and is incredibly beautiful inside and out.  I had a lot of fun at her photo shoot, and she was such a sport, braving our intensely hot summer and tons of mosquitoes.  I love how Hayley can be playful and then gorgeously intense, giving me so many different looks to photograph.  I’m excited for her as she enters her high school senior year, and I can’t wait for more opportunities to photograph her!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!  xoxo

the rich family {fort lauderdale family photographer}

I’m grateful to have had the chance to photograph this wonderful family I love before they leave town.  I have photographed them a few times over the years, and as I was going through the images, I couldn’t get over how much the kids have grown, changed, and matured.  They were so sweet together, and my favorite image might be the one of Hannah fixing Isaac’s hair, like a sweet little sister, a.k.a. hair stylist.  I wish them all amazing new adventures and happiness as they start this new chapter, and also wish for many visits back to South Florida so I can see them before I get myself on a plane to experience Guatemala with them one day in the future.  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!  xoxo

avery {south florida teen photographer}

I always love it when Avery comes into town.  Like a whirlwind, she zooms in and we fit in a photoshoot, and then she zooms back out and heads back to the University of Florida in Gainesville.   Gorgeous, athletic, smart and sparkly, I love this girl!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!  xoxo

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