ryan’s bar mitzvah at temple beth emet {south florida bar mitzvah photographer}

Ryan’s bar mitzvah at Temple Beth Emet was an amazing event, with a very cool basketball theme, including everything from a living basketball hoop, retro basketball players/dancers, basketball centerpieces, kippas, and wonderful family and friends celebrating with Ryan.  We were so happy to be a part of the day!  Enjoy the Sneak Peek! xoxo




Venue – Temple Beth Emet

DJ Entertainment – Pure Energy

Room Design – Galaxy Productions

the christie family {fort lauderdale family photographer}

I met the Christie family at their beautiful home, and we started our session with the girls playing with their very active and fun loving dog (who shortly after decided to take a swim in the pool!).  I enjoyed photographing the family around their home – I always think it is wonderful to have photos in your own home to look back on and remember the place where you grew up and created childhood memories.  Next, we explored downtown FAT Village in Ft. Lauderdale, and the girls’ fun personalities definitely came out; I even saw a little bit of the chicken dance (:  It was great getting to know everyone, and I hope you enjoy your Sneak Peek!  xoxo

p.s.  I had a very difficult time narrowing down the images, can you tell?


the martinez family {davie family photographer}

I can’t remember the exact year that I started photographing the Martinez family.  I do know that the girls were very young, and that Kristina wasn’t even talking much.  It is amazing to think that I have watched them grow up into these amazing girls, and that I have had the privilege of documenting them year after year.   They are such a lovely family, and I have to admit that I love catching up with their mom, Yami, whenever I have the chance.  This year, I photographed the family at their beautiful home, and everyone was dressed to the nines, looking gorgeous as always.  After the photo shoot, I just had this urge to see them again when I first met them as little kids, so I went back into my archives and dug up this image from our first shoot.  I love that Yami makes it a priority to photograph them each year, and that they have these images to look back on, and remember their wonderful childhood.  Enjoy your Sneak Peek! xoxostoryboard2254storyboard2255

the seese family {fort lauderdale family photographer}

It is always a treat to photograph this family – they are just fun and easygoing, close and silly (that would be mostly Ryan!).  I can’t remember how long I have been photographing them, but I can definitely see how much they have grown and changed through the years.  Thank you for being a part of the Puzzle Peace Now Fundraiser, and enjoy your Sneak Peek!  xoxo