avery {gainesville teen photographer}

During my recent trip to Gainesville to visit my sister, Lisa, and her family, I took some time to photograph my  beautiful niece, Avery.  We probably had 3o minutes tops for photos, with crazy humidity and rain showers interrupting us constantly.  There was a lot of giggling between running inside from the rain and quick outfit changes, but that just made the photo shoot even more fun.  My trip lasted less than 36 hours, but I wouldn’t have missed it!  Love you Avery!  xoxo



isaac {south florida teen photographer}

There are not many kids that can ride a unicycle, juggle, do parkour, and then go and solve a rubik’s cube.  Isaac is just an all around cool kid, and I adore him and his family.   We ran around a few different places, ending up in an abandoned parking lot, where his sisters joined us for the last 10 minutes. I’ve seen Isaac grow up over the last few years from a boy into this big teenager, and I am very much looking forward to photographing Isaac’s bar mitzvah in just a few weeks and celebrating with his family.  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!  xoxo

andrew’s bar mitzvah {fort lauderdale bar mitzvah photographer}

I have been enjoying the slower pace of the summer, hanging out at the beach with my children, sleeping in a bit, cooking more, reading again.  But, I was more than happy to jump back into work for Andrew’s bar mitzvah at the  Marriott Harbor Beach in Fort Lauderdale this past weekened.   Andrew did a great job leading his service, making everyone there so proud.  His party had a travel theme, with different countries highlighted at the tables, and all over the room.  And even more fun was the show by Hora Loca, with bright and colorful stilt walkers, dancers, and drummers – it really was a crazy hour!   The night was amazing – thanks to the amazing team who put it together, Emily and Devin from Izzey Designs, MC Joseph from Pure Energy, Dalsimer, and Katy from the Marriott- they all made the night run so smoothly and beautifully.  It was a wonderful night for Andrew and his family, and we were so happy to be there.   Enjoy your Sneak Peek!  xoxostoryboard1729storyboard1762  Venue – Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa in Fort Lauderdale Event Planner - Izzey Design and Event Management DJ Entertainment – MC Joseph with Pure Energy Entertainment - Hora Loca Rabbi – Rabbi Cheryl Jacobs Room Design and Decor – Dalsimer Atlas

Mike Sipe - Thank you for sharing these beautiful photo’s of Andrew and Family! The Pure Energy Entertainers had a blast! Mazel Tov!

bryan {south florida bar mitzvah photographer}

One of the perks of my job is that I get to go to some really cool places.  For Bryan’s photoshoot, I met up with him and his family at the Spanish Monastery in Miami.  I read up on it a little before I went (you can check out their website for a little history lesson), and I love the story behind the monastery coming here to Miami.  It was actually taken apart, stone by stone, many years ago, then shipped here, and eventually pieced back together like one giant, amazing puzzle.  I know we were all very excited to be there and to explore the grounds, and to find different spots to shoot.  It was a wonderful adventure, and one I was very happy to be on with Bryan and his family.  Enjoy your Sneak Peek! xoxo

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