meryl {south florida business branding photographer}

I always love photographing Meryl from Brandwein Institute for Nutrition and Wellness, and was very excited to work on new business branding images at her new workspace. Meryl is a leader in her field of nutrition, bringing an integrative and functional approach to health and nutrition. What sets her apart is her approach of looking at the whole person, from diet to lifestyle and behavior factors, while also using a multidisciplinary team approach, and incorporating your own doctors and health care providers to work together and find the best plan for you. The new office space in Davie is incredibly light and open, definitely inviting with an organic feeling, and with an amazing full kitchen, hopefully for some cooking classes and demonstrations! Plus, Meryl is always fun and a great photo subject for me!! I wish you all the continued success in your new space! xoxo

Alison Chesney