take your child to work day fun {south florida child photographer}

As much as the kids love Take Your Child to Work Day, I love it too. Besides sleeping in, I try to plan a fun photo project for my daughter and usually one of her friends. This year, we went to Family Farms in Davie for some strawberry U-Pick Em. This is something I used to do with all three of my kids when they were younger, but we haven’t had a place to go in the last few years. I was so happy to hear about Family Farms, and to restart this fun tradition. When we got there, I was pleasantly surprised when we were informed that we could also pick peppers, tomatoes and kale! For this Take Your Child to Work Day photo project, I asked the girls to do some macro photography, and to find things that had interesting colors, textures and forms. Not only did they have a great time combing through the strawberry plants for beautiful red strawberries, but they took time to find interesting subjects for their macro images. And, being kids, they also befriended a cow, found a ladybug and brought it home and created a habitat outside for it, checked out the other resident animals, and ran around outdoors like I was hoping. Here are some images from our outing, and also two images from each girl of their macro photography (using iphones!) . Enjoy!! xoxo