abigail {south florida teen photographer}

These South Florida rainy afternoons could drive a photographer crazy!  We rescheduled Abigail's photo shoot the first day, but we decided to chance the rain for yesterday's afternoon photo shoot.  It rained as I drove to the park, rained while we were at the park, stopped a little bit, but then rained some more for the rest of the shoot.  If you look closely in some of the photos, and you can actually see the rain drops (they look like lines) in the images!  I used the tree cover during the drizzles, and then towards the end of the shoot, Abigail's mom was sweet enough to hold an umbrella over me so that my camera would not get wet.  It was an adventure, and a fun one as I got to know Abigail and spend time with her before her bat mitzvah later this summer.   And while the photo shoot was a little chaotic, running in and out of the rain, something very special came out of it.  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!  xoxo storyboard1887