beaming with pride { south florida family photographer }

I have been waiting for this day for about four years.  To put this in context, I absolutely love riding my bicycle.  I could ride every day if weather permitted.  Plus, I love riding bikes with my kids.  I put Reese in the bike seat, Jake hops on his bike and we ride through the neighborhood and at the parks.  BUT, my Cameron, who is nine, has refused to learn to ride her bike for YEARS.  I have begged, pleaded, bribed and begged some more, to no avail. Well, yesterday I am proud to say that I taught my oldest daughter to ride her bike.  It is truly one of my happiest, proudest moments ever - and I mean ever.  I have graduated college, law school, passed two bars, gave birth to three children, started my own business and more, but this to me is huge.  Now, I can finally have my dream of family bike rides, and I can't wait!!!  Here is my amazing girl, and not only am I proud that she learned to ride her bike, but I am so proud that she decided to change her mind and try.