becky and adam are married - part 2 {florida keys wedding photographer}

It is so hard to decide which images to post on a wedding Sneak Peek - besides being difficult to narrow it down,  I always want the images to portray the feel of couple's wedding day and to tell their story.  For a bride and groom, Becky and Adam were really quite relaxed and just seemed so very happy to be getting married to each other.  They were married at the Key Largo Grande Resort and Beach Club, on the hammock beach, in front of family, good friends, and their cute dog, Peanut, who walked down the aisle too.  They spoke their own loving words to each other during the ceremony, touching everyone there who heard them, including me. I have to say, their friends were pretty amazing - decorating the wedding spaces with flowers and starfish and woven fans.  The entire wedding party and families were wonderful, and they were such good sports waiting around to take their photos in the Florida heat.  I fell in love with all of the bridesmaids, as they would occasionally stand around and fan me (how cool are they?).   The reception was so much fun - Becky hired a guy to teach line dancing and he had everyone out of their seats dancing the night away.  We were grateful to be there - documenting their moments throughout the day.

Besides loving my job - I have to say that I love photographing weddings with my own husband.  Even though it is work, it kind of feels a little like a date for us (is that warped?).  He is the other side of my brain at weddings, and I honestly don't think I could do this job without him.  He keeps me sane and challenges me creatively, and is pretty good with a camera, if I do say so myself.  So thank you Wayne Chesney, for helping me, being there for me and for not getting too mad at me when I get a little crazy.

To Becky and Adam, enjoy your Sneak Peek, your fabulous honeymoon in Alaska, and your exciting new life together!  xoxo

We were able to look out the window and see if guests were starting to arrive.  I love this image of Becky and her sister peering out the window to see what was going on.

The adorable flower girls

Here is little peanut, keeping everyone company.

Becky with her lovely mom.

Here are some images Wayne captured of Adam getting ready...

The guys cracked me up when we took this photo - they all got into their "Peter Pan" stance.

couldn't resist some more of Peanut!

Such a fun wedding party!!!

Wayne got this great shot of Adam looking at Becky while I was photographing her.

Venue - Key Largo Grande Resort and Beach Club

DJ Music - MB Entertainment - (one of my favorites to date!)

Line dancing - Kenny Henlley