elijah's bar mitzvah {miami bar mitzvah photographer}

I first met Elijah and his dad at the Biltmore in Miami, where I photographed Elijah's pre-bar mitzvah photos.  The hotel is beyond stunning, with gorgeous architecture and design throughout.  It was a fantastic backdrop, and I particularly loved photographing Elijah with his guitar against the old world elegance surrounding us.  After spending time at the Biltmore and with Elijah, I was definitely excited for the actual bar mitzvah and party that followed.  Elijah did a great job at his service at Temple Bet Breira, and it was such a pleasure to meet the rest of his family and friends.  The party that night at the Biltmore was amazing - with the feel of a nightclub, from the lanyard passes at the door, the all black decor, the sofas and lit tables, and the incredible entertainment by -DJ Michael Sarysz.   So much energy!!  Midway through the party, the band Clambake came in to play a set, and the best part of the night was when Elijah joined them on stage for a few rock n roll songs, starting with Back in Black.  The room went wild, and it was really an incredible moment.  Everyone couldn't help but dance the night away!  Thank you for having us there to photograph this wonderful time for Elijah and your family!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!

One of the great things about Temple Bet Breira is that we are allowed to photograph during the actual bar mitzvah service.