fabulous four { south florida children photographer }

It can be daunting as a photographer to photograph four children - you really never know how it is going to go.  You hope for one or two great images where everybody is looking at you or everybody is engaged and having fun, but it really is up in the air with four kids.  Anything could happen - one could be in a bad mood, someone may blink in the "perfect" photo, or the kids may not want to be together. Luckily, I had the GREATEST four children for today's photo shoot.  They were so good to me!  They held hands, layed on eachother, climbed on each other, put their arms around eachother, held their little brother, and basically were so cooperative, I could have cried.  Not only that, but they would come up with their own ideas for poses (see the tower of four kids below).  They were so much fun, and I think that they had a great time too!  At the end of the shoot, they went in the pool on giant rafts, but three wound up falling in and getting sopping wet.  It was a perfect way to end the shoot.  Plus, their parents are amazing and wonderful, and I was so glad that they had me back to photograph their children.  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!


Meanwhile, don't you love these shirts?



Love their cute tootsies!