family session at the beach {dania beach family photographer}

So, I am beyond excited that I get to go away for the weekend with my hubby.  Besides having a little vacation, it is a much needed break during the craziness of the holiday season.  I have been shooting non stop, and I think a few days off will just give me even more creativity when I get back.  All that being said, I am glad my last shoot was this fun family.  I have photographed the Dernis family for a few years now, and what I always like about them is that they have a great time together.  While I do put them together for a more traditional family portrait, it is always the images I get while they are playing together that are my favorites.  And this year did not disappoint!  The boys enjoyed exploring the beach, and really had a great time at the end of the shoot with their feet in the water.  By the very end, they were all sopping wet, laughing.  My kind of shoot!!!  Thank you Dernis family for being so relaxed and entertaining.  I had a great time spending my afternoon playing with you!!  xoxo