happiness is - a personal photography project

I am finding that I need to take more deep breaths.  I need to stop and smell the roses.  I need to regroup  after a very busy year, and especially a very busy holiday season.  I am finding that I need to find my focus again and find my own personal happiness with photography.  I am feeling the need to be creative beyond my business.  Remembering the book, The Happiness Project, I am starting to take control of certain aspects of life that help bring happiness, from simply stopping work at 10 p.m. and going to bed at a decent hour, to spending more quality time with my sweet children, even if it is just playing a game of cards or watching them jump in the trampoline. And so, for me, I am very excited to be doing my own personal daily happiness project with photography!  Each day (still on the fence about the weekends), I will post a photograph of something that makes me happy.  I was going to start on Monday, but this made me happy today and I didn't want to wait.  Carpe diem, right?

is there anything cuter on a little girl than high socks?