i heart logan and maddie - brother and sister photo session { fort lauderdale child photographer }

After our session, I thought about it and realized that I have known Amy for 22 years.  22 YEARS!!!  That is a crazy long time.  She is one of my sister's oldest and closest friends, and so her family is our family.  I actually made Amy and Chris sit in the car during the session (hee, hee) so that I could run around with the kids.  Sometimes, when kids are a little older, it is easier to get genuine smiles and fun out of them when their parents aren't looking.  So, thank you to all of my parents who understand this (: I had a GREAT time with Logan and Maddie.  They are beautiful, smart, and fun to be around.  Out of all of the photos taken, we had the best time when Logan was spinning Maddie around.  I even showed them the preview in the camera, and they loved Maddie's hair, blowing in the wind.  When I was looking through the images tonight, I couldn't get over how mature they both looked.  I can picture them in my mind as toddlers, Maddie with her raspy voice, getting into something, and Logan, running around my sister's house, with his sweet face, somehow getting injured every time (sorry Gena, I couldn't resist!).    I'm glad that I got the chance to photograph them again, before they get too big.  Love you guys!!