it is not easy { south florida family photographer }

Every year on my birthday, my family knows that I am going to take a family photo.  My son dreads it for weeks.   I can say that the "family photo" is not met with enthusiasm, but they cooperate because it is my birthday (my secret weapon because I am queen for the day of course!).  So, they wear what I ask them to, and we all jump in my bed with a strobe to light us and my camera on a tripod.  Usually, I have to run in and out of the frame a million times to set the self-timer, but luckily this year, my niece Izzy stopped by and I had her push the button.  All I have to say is that I need a professional photographer to take our photo!  The kids moaned and groaned within five minutes, Reese had a lollipop in her mouth half the time and then made crazy faces, and I don't have one photo of all 5 of us that I love.  The ones of the three kids are cute, and I know that years down the road I will love the crazy faces. But, come on!! So, here is my family... not perfect, but all mine.