Karen and Rob { south florida family photographer }

Over Christmas weekend, our friend, Rob Gangi, fell off a Ripstick and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  For the first few weeks, we did not know if he would survive, and if he did, what type of brain functioning he would have.  Many of us have been hoping and praying for a miracle for Rob and his amazing wife, Karen, for the past month.  Because the accident occured while on vacation in North Carolina, close to Rob's parents' home, Karen has not been able to work (she is a teacher in FL) and has been by his side day and night.

Most recently, to all of our amazement, Rob has become conscious and has been making leaps and bounds towards his recovery.  His small gestures towards his wife, son and family have touched everyone's hearts.  To me, words cannot express how happy, relieved and hopeful I am that Rob will heal and be home with Karen one day in the near future.  You can follow his progress on facebook - check out the Pray for Rob Gangi page.  Over 6,000 friends, family and strangers are all praying and pulling for him.

Nevertheless, in the meantime Karen and Rob need our help.  The medical bills are piling up and we do not know how long Rob is going to be in the rehabilitative center in North Carolina.  With neither of them able to work at this time, their bills are piling up too.  We all want Karen to stay by Rob's side, but she needs our help to be able to do this.

That is where these minisessions come into play!  All of the session fees will go directly to Karen and Rob and 20% of all orders too!  Please join us to help a friend and get some wonderful photos of your children at the same time.

Here is the Minisession information:

20 minute minisessions for up to two children.

The minisession donation is $100, plus $25 for each additional child.

Includes the session, your private online viewing gallery, one 5x7, special miniession packages, and access to all the same fun products as the full boutique sessions.

Saturday, February 27, 2010 from 3:00 - 5:30 p.m.

Location TBA in Broward County