lucky {fort lauderdale lifestyle photographer}

I saw a movie many years ago that with one quote, changed the way I looked at life.  It was a sad film that had to do with sisters, family, cancer, dying and living.  The film was Marvins Room and starred Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep and a young Leonardo DiCaprio. Anyway, in the movie, Diane Keaton's character had this amazing quote about love.  You see, usually in life, people are concerned and consumed with who loves them.  But Diane's character, when talking about taking care of her aging parents, said something (I wish I could remember the exact quote) about how lucky she was - lucky that she got to love them.  How amazing is that? And today on Mother's Day, I am truly overwhelmed with how lucky I am, to have three beautiful, healthy, smart, kind children to love.  That I get to love them everyday, every minute.  That I can be so filled with love and give that love to my children.  I am blessed, lucky and forever grateful.  Wishing you a very happy Mother's Day.

p.s. No children were harmed during the taking of this photo, but it was definitely taken under the duress of the children.  Sadly, this is the best image of the day of the four of us.  I think Reese stormed out and cried at least three times.  So, to all of you parents that think your children are difficult during our photo sessions, please believe me when I tell you that they are great - just kids being kids.  And this image, like my children, is perfectly imperfect!!