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I received this sweet email after posting a sneak peek from a recent wedding.  I love getting feedback from my weddings, but this one was unexpected because it wasn't from the bride or groom, it was from the maid of honor, Tracy.  Before I show you the email, I have to say that Tracy was the BEST maid of honor that I have had the pleasure of working with.  Based upon her amazing performance, I have put together a list of what it takes to be a great maid of honor. First, here is her lovely email:

You truly outdid yourself!!  I've been checking your website every day awaiting them and just saw them and have looked at them probably five times in the past ten minutes.  Each time it brings a tear to my eye, how you captured it perfectly (especially Amanda and Seth).  I can't tell you how excited I am to see them all and have already told my boyfriend when we take the next step in our  relationship, we are coming from North Carolina to you to have our pictures taken!!  Thank you so much for everything you did.  The pictures you and your husband took will be treasured forever.

So, modeled after Tracy, here is my list of what you need to do to be a FANTASTIC maid of honor:

1.  Know where everything is at all times (the dress, rings, flowers, shoes, etc.)

2.  Help bride get into her gown and tell her how beautiful she looks.

3.  Slip brides feet into shoes, as she often will not be able to bend.

4.  Walk behind bride, making sure her dress is not getting dirty, often picking it up and carrying it behind her (see photo #3 below).

5.  Make sure bride is properly hydrated (water, champagne, etc.)

6.  Bring water to photographers, without them having to ask.  This is my favorite and Tracy totally surprised us by bringing us water while we were working on the formal photos during the cocktail hour.  Isn't she the SWEETEST?

7.  Make sure bride partakes in some hor d'orves during cocktail hour, especially if she is involved in her formal or bridal portraits.

8.  Be able to bustle the bride's dress.

9.  Be able to identity all family members for the formal portraits and also bring them to the area where they are needed.

10.  Just be sweet and happy and lovely and helpful, and then you too can be the best maid of honor EVER!

Thank you Tracy!  You made our job much easier and we really appreciated everything you did!

If you can think of any more tips for being a great maid of honor, just leave a comment below.



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