michelle + alex are married! {vizcaya wedding photographer}

Some couples are so obviously made for each other -  like Michelle and Alex.  I remember even thinking that when I first met them.  They just seemed naturally happy together.  I have been looking forward to their wedding at Vizcaya for months now.   Their wedding day went off without a hitch - they were both so calm, happy and ready.  The moment as Michelle walked up the aisle on her father's arm, and Alex saw his beautiful bride for the first time was so full of emotion and love.  And they were like that for the rest of their night - dancing, kissing, looking at each other with just pure adoration.  And, what fun guests they had!   Their family and friends were on the dance floor all night!  Around 11 p.m., the guests had a fun surprise - Michelle and Alex provided each of the guests with masquerade masks.  They wanted to honor the history of Vizcaya itself - where the first party at the estate many years ago was a masquerade ball.  They truly thought of everything! We loved being there to document your day, and hope you are having a wonderful honeymoon in Paris (how could you not?) Enjoy your Sneak Peek! xoxoxo

*and a big thank you to my assistant photographer, Jackie from Three Brooklyn Photography.  Not only did she do an amazing job photographing the event, but she had to carry soooo much equipment with me (and never complained once!).

Venue - Vizcaya Museum and Gardens