minisessions for brian {south florida child photographer}

Last week, a dear friend to so many of us, an especially kind and patient father, a wonderful husband, and an amazing person passed away.  Many people can be called nice and good and more, but Brian Sigal was honestly one of the kindest, nicest, sweetest person I have ever had the honor of knowing.  For the 16 years I have known him, he was like family, always smiling, always caring.  Brian left behind his wife and four amazing children, and a trust fund for them has been set up called the Sigal Family Trust Fund.  Please help me raise money for the fund to support this family that I love, who lost their rock, their foundation.   This Sunday, May 25th, I will be having a minisession event to raise money for the family trust fund from 4:00 p.m. through 8 p.m.  They will be 10 minute minisessions for individual photos - maybe for high school seniors like Lindsey, and you can get an amazing photo of your child before he or she leaves for college.  Or maybe a photo of your little one, to show off his or her individual personality.  It could be for you, for a new business portrait or facebook profile pic.  The cost is $100, with checks to be written directly to The Sigal Family Trust Fund.  You will receive the 10 minute session, as well as an online gallery with 5 - 8 images, and then 3 high-res image for you to download, keep, print and share.   Please help me support this very special family at this  incredibly and unbearably difficult time. minisession for brian

brian pic