miranda {south florida senior photographer + beauty revived}

Meet Miranda - she is amazing, fun, kind, dedicated, talented, and beautiful inside and out.  Miranda is the winner of my Beauty Revived campaign.  I received many incredible nominations, and was blown away by the amazing seniors we have in our community.  But, Miranda stood out to me, as she devotes almost all of her free time to Surfers for Autism, an organization that is extremely close to her heart.  For her, it is not just an activity to have for college applications or because she needs to volunteer for something; it is her life.  Miranda's brother has autism, and while she did not understand him or autism when she was younger, Surfers for Autism has brought them close together and bonded them forever.  Miranda is not only a master instructor for Surfers for Autism, traveling through Florida, Georgia and Puerto Rico, but she is also involved in running the organization.  Most importantly, Surfers for Autism has given her a community of love and support, and she definitely gives back to this community with her time and her heart. When I photographed Miranda, and also met her mom and her brothers, I knew right away what a special family this was.  You can just tell.  We, of course, had our session at the beach, and Miranda brought along her surfboard.  I wanted to photograph her in a place she loves.  I was so happy to meet her brother, and we had an awesome conversation about Stars Wars and Godzilla.  I love how close they all are, how easy going and happy they are, and how thankful they all seemed to have each other.  Enjoy the Sneak Peek, and wish Miranda luck in the national Beauty Revived campaign!! xoxo