my girl {south florida lifestyle photographer}

My girl turned 10.  2 months ago.  For the past two months, we haven't been able to drag ourselves out of bed on a weekend early enough to catch the morning sun.  But now that daylight savings has hit, we actually got out of the house early enough to do our session.  We found a spot months ago, a dock overlooking a canal where the suns come up over the water.  I wanted to photograph Cami drenched in sunlight.  It was truly the perfect spot for my daughter, a light in my life. Afterwards, we went to the park in our neighborhood.  The same park we had been too a million times before.  But, being so early, we had it all to ourselves.  Cami wanted to swing, and she has the BEST smile when she is laughing, swinging high.  It was a wonderful morning, just me and my girl.