my holiday wishes {south florida family photographer}

This has been a busy holiday season and a busy year for me, and I am embarrassed to say that I did not send out a holiday card.  I have received so many lovely holiday cards that have put big smiles on my face, and I have guilt.  I do not want any of my friends to think I did not send them one, because I did not send any.  This year, I took a break.  I have felt a bit overwhelmed so instead of a traditional card, I would like to share my holiday wishes for you.  On my birthday this year, I asked (the kids may say I demanded, but you know how kids are), that we take our annual photo in my bed.  I had done this for many years, and then for some reason, was too busy to do it the last few years.  It is one of my favorite things, even if it does torture everyone else in the family.  Well, when I went back to look at photos from years' past, I came across the photo below.  It is from 2009, 5 years ago.  I looked at my children, how little and cute and delicious they were that year, and couldn't get over how much they have changed.  So, when we did our photo on my birthday, I set everyone up in the same place to try and recreate it.  When I look at both photos together, I feel happy and sad at the same time.  Happy because I am blessed with this beautiful family, that continues to grow and be healthy, that I get to love everyday.  And then a little sad that my babies are big, growing up, needing me less.  I can't understand how time has passed so quickly, and I just hope I made the most of my time with my children. So, my holiday wishes for you are that you enjoy this season, this year, this moment, and take time for yourself and for your family to really be with them.  Treasure that time, the good and the bad, and take lots of deep breaths.  I wish you health, love, happiness, and many many good times.  xoxo