Personal Branding Images {south florida business portrait photographer}

When planning the session for your personal branding images, certain things should be organized and thought about ahead of the shoot.  To begin, think about where you are going to use these images.  Many clients use their personal branding images for their website, marketing materials, social media posts, e-blasts, press releases, for public speaking engagements and even guest blogging.  Because there are so many possibilities where you would need a photo to represent you and your personal brand, working with a photographer to create an arsenal of different images will ensure that not only will you have images that reflect your personal brand, but also that you are not always using the same one image.  Creating your own stock images will give you many choices when putting your image out there.  So, as you plan your personal branding session, try and think ahead to the future and know your vision.  Make a detailed shot list so that expectations are met, and that your final photo gallery includes all the different shots you need, from headshots, to group portraits, lifestyle photographs around the office, and so forth.  By being organized and expressing what you need to your photographer, the end result will be a gallery of images that represents your company's vision and communicates your message to current and potential clients. Here are a handful of the images from a personal branding session of one of my wonderful clients, Duree and Company, an amazing PR firm in South Florida.  We created headshots, lifestyle images, and images around the office so that they would have their own gallery of creative stock images to use in all different marketing areas, including website, social media and press releases.

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