running around {fort lauderdale family photographer}

I have been working nonstop, editing, designing albums, creating holiday cards, shooting, meeting with clients, etc, so I apologize if my blogs are getting shorter and shorter.  There is just not enough time in the day to get it all done and hang with the kids, attempt to clean my house, organize my orders, try and cook dinner, etc.   I feel sorry for the fed ex guy who has to stop at my house every day, but I love getting in all the cards, prints and especially the canvases. I will be photographing portrait sessions until mid December and then I will be on a break until the beginning of January.

NOTE:  For holiday delivery, all print orders must be in by December 4th to avoid a rush fee.

Back to the photo session at hand...The parents and I used a lot of energy chasing these adorable and active twin boys around downtown Fort Lauderdale.  It is not easy keeping the attention of 3 year old boys.  But, it was fun, and I really do think that the boys had a good time! They were so curious, peering into all the windows and trying to go into all of the open doors.  It makes you want to see things through their eyes.  My favorites are of the parents with the boys - you can see the happiness.








The boys look like teenagers in the image below...




and my favorite, so sweet and innocent -