sisters {fort lauderdale child photographer}

I always know that is my "season" when I start seeing certain families that I have been photography for years.  The Stanleys are definitely one of those families.  Amanda, who has her own interior design business, has such beautiful taste, and her home is every girls' shabby chic dream, with white and pink and fresh flowers all around.  When I looked around their home during our session, I saw photographs that I took, when the girls were only toddlers.  And now look at them!  The girls have always had this amazing sisterly bond, since they were tiny.   They are so sweet and giggly with each other, and I really love photographing them.  Can't you picture them, when they are in college, hanging out in each other's dorm rooms or apartments, talking about boys, cooking dinner together? It rained almost the entire time during the session, yet everyone was so laid back about it.  I wound up taking a lot of the images under their porch, and then running out into the yard and street for five minutes, here and there, when the rain would let up.  Here are some of my favorites from the day.  Enjoy your Sneak Peek! xoxo