Stylish Invitation Designs - South Florida Women in Business {florida lifestyle photographer}

I recently was introduced to Chantal and Aledia, the women behind Stylish Invitation Designs, Paperie and Bakerie.   We spoke a few times on the phone, sent messages through facebook, and finally met up at their adorable boutique in Davie to plan our minisession event in July.  I fell in love with their store (and them!), the pink and brown, the whimsical accents, the candy, and of course, the amazing invitations.  Their invitations are creative, original and have unmatched attention to detail - I had not quite seen anything like them.

I had a fantastic time photographing Chantal and Aledia; they are both beautiful, down to earth and fun.

They are the epitome of a girl's girl!

Tell us about your business:

Stylish Invitation Designs Paperie & Bakerie, is a unique store that offers customers a personalized shopping experience featuring a unique selection of invitations and sweet treats second to none.  Stylish Invitation Designs Paperie & Bakerie, a customized design boutique, offers a distinct alternative to mass-produced invitations: completely personalized, hand-assembled invitations printed on the finest paper. This unique boutique offers an amazing array of custom invitations, imprintable invitations, thank you notes, stationery, favors, sweet treats and much more. The unique setting of Stylish Invitation Designs is like no other invitation store as we are a Paperie and Bakerie offering delicious bakery items ranging from gourmet cookies to custom cakes.

How did you become business partners?

Several years ago, we found ourselves creating invitations for friends and family.  After much success with friends and family, we decided to embark on the opening of Davie's Stylish Invitation Designs Paperie & Bakerie.

Do you feel like you balance each other and how? Chantal - We both wear different hats, but we sometimes have to play the same role.  We both share different strengths and weaknesses that compliment the relationship. It is a give and take! It is about comprising and understanding one another. Aledia - We definitely balance each other and I believe that is what makes ours, such a great partnership.  We both are capable of doing most of the work, but stick to what we each do best to be more efficient.  Simply put, we are like yin and yang!

What is the most challenging thing about owning your own business? Chantal - A stationery boutique can be extremely stressful and it requires us to pay attention to every detail.  Aside from office duties, we still have to have a clear mind so that we are able to pay attention to detail while designing invitations. Aledia - I would have to say that balancing the time you spend working and time spent with family and friends.  It is very easy to slip into a routine where you say to family or friends, "We'll go out next week".

What is the most rewarding thing about owning your own business? Chantal – The most rewarding thing about owning my business is the flexibility I have to set my schedule around my children's activities.  Also, I am so lucky that I can be a part of assisting a customer with something that will leave a mark in creating their life celebration. Aledia - I find it very rewarding to see the look on a customer's face when they see their finished invitation for the first time.  The feeling of creating the invitation of their dreams and contributing to their special events is indescribable.

How do you balance work, family and fun?

Chantal - As a working business woman and mother, it is truly a difficult task.  I have to say I am definitely a planner!  Everything that takes place on a daily basis has to be scheduled; otherwise things start to fall apart.  I have such a busy and hectic life between work and the children's activities so I do need to be organized.  I do make time to attend all of my son's baseball games, daughter's practice and volunteer at my children's school.  As for down time, there is very little, but my husband and I do attempt to do regular outings together. The motto in our home is work hard – play hard!  We live by that! Aledia - Very carefully! Scheduling is key... We each know what the other is doing most of the time.  We usually keep each other in check to make sure we take time off so we don't burn out.

If you were stranded on an island and could only have three things, what would they be? Chantal - Blackberry, Twilight Series, and my favorite cashmere blanket. Aledia - This is so bad, but the first thing I'd want is my Blackberry.  I am forever checking my emails on it.  The other two must have items are my laptop and a good book.

Where do you see your business heading in the next few years? Chantal -  We look forward to expanding our Paper & Bakerie lines with a range of new DIY lines and unique sweet treats.

Aledia - We definitely see ourselves moving to a larger location.  We have been very fortunate, given the state of the economy, and are rapidly outgrowing our little space. When you are not at work, where can we find you? Chantal - I am usually spending quality time with my family.   If I am really lucky, my hubby and I will have a quiet dinner and I will enjoy a nice cosmo!

Aledia - During the summer, at the beach! Part of our balancing act is trying to spend as much time with family as possible and we end up spending time with both our families at the beach...  It's nice to be able to share some time with Chantal while not discussing business!

You can visit the website for Stylish Invitation Designs, Paperie and Bakerie here, and keep up with their doings on their facebook fanpage here.  You can also find information about our Minisession Event here.

Thank you Chantal and Aledia!! xoxo