sweet logan {south florida newborn photographer}

I wanted to get this Sneak Peek done for this beautiful new mom and her family in time for Mother's Day.  I was excited to see the baby for this photo shoot, and she was just beyond sweet - having all of that soft yumminess and sweet smell of a newborn.  Only one week old, and already the perfect model!  She stayed awake for some photos with mom and dad and then went to sleep for the rest, letting us put different hats on her, blankets and we even put her in the bookcase.  I particularly love the images with Logan in the bookcase - she is laying on her mother's beautiful wedding dress and also on a very soft wedding shawl.  We were all excited to get the images as I was photographing them - they just seem to show the mixture of their love for eachother and their new baby - a new family. Enjoy your Sneak Peek, your first Mother's Day, and your beautiful new baby!

Mom loved all the soft, cute hats for newborns, and this was her favorite...

Here is that beautiful lace from the wedding dress -