take your child to work day 2016 (fort lauderdale child photographer)

I happen to really enjoy Take Your Child to Work Day.  I'm thankful that I have a creative job that allows me to share the artistic side of photography with my children.  This year, I decided to do another photo scanvenger hunt, and we added some friends into the activities.  This morning, Reese and I had a small lesson about composition, and then we headed out to downtown Ft. Lauderdale with her friend to meet up with Heather from Heather Coronel Photography and her daughter.  I was armed with my list of words for their scavenger hunt, including blue, low perspective, your shoes, happy, angles, self portrait, words, and pattern.  The girls asked a lot of questions, and were very into finding their photos.  I loved watching them walk around, looking to discover things to photograph.  While they were photographing their words, I had fun photographing them - on graffiti walls, in the middle of streets, on stairs, and anywhere else we could find great light and backgrounds.  We ended the afternoon at the Taco Bar, which had the best kale and potato tacos I ever had!!  Here are some of my images of the girls and some of their images too.  Enjoy!! xoxo

The creative images taken by the kids: