teachers {fort lauderdale lifestyle photographer}

School ends this week, we have two graduations tomorrow (Cami's 5th grade and Reese's pre-kindergarten), and we are very excited for the summer.  But, I am very melancholy about Reese leaving her preschool at Ramat Shalom.  While I am excited that she is going to be in kindergarten, I can't help but already miss her warm, nurturing, artisitic, wonderful, caring teachers at Ramat.  I feel like she has been protected by this big cozy blanket of love and warmth, and now she has to enter the real world.  And while Cami seems ready to enter the world of middle school, it kind of scares me a bit.  Both girls are entering new phases in their life, growing up, and becoming more independent.  I am thankful that they are ready, even when I am not sometimes.  I am also beyond thankful and appreciative for their teachers, who have taught, guided and nurtured them through the years. And to show their teachers how much they have meant to us, I (in a crafty phase and with the help of Pinterest), made these jars for them with chalkboard labels and a rainbow of m&ms inside.  We found a cute rainbow poem, stamped the back, and Reese signed her name.   Oh, just a reminder that life is not perfect, Reese was home today with fever, missing her last few days of school, but (cross your fingers) not her graduation.  I had to include her incredibly pathetic, but cute photo of her laying in the pit, with my old childhood blanket wrapped around her.