the day it rained hearts {south florida child photographer}

Years ago, when my oldest child was very little, he was given the book The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond as a Valentine's Day gift from our very thoughtful neighbor.  At first, I don't think I appreciated the gift enough, thinking it was just another book.   But, then I read it.  And it was the absolute sweetest book about Valentines Day, and about giving, not receiving.  I fell in love with the book and would not even be able to count the number of times I read it to each of my three children.   But, somewhere it must have gotten lost as the kids got older, and I haven't read it in a few years.  I even forgot about it. Recently, I was browsing the web for Valentine's Day ideas and came across another photographer's site with this cute umbrella with hearts hanging down.  I liked it so much and decided to try and make it for my own daughter.  While we were making the strings of hearts and attached them to the umbrella, she said, "It looks like it's raining hearts!"  It was then that I remember the children's book I loved so much and realized why I loved the umbrella with hearts so much. It brought me back to that good feeling I got every time I read The Day it Rained Heartsand how I loved that it shows children how good it feels to give something meaningful to someone else.

And, although many of my projects are "Pinterest fails", I actually am proud of this one!  My youngest child gets to feel like it is raining hearts, and my heart is filled with nostalgia and smiles from thinking of the book and creating new memories too.