together tuesday {south florida lifestyle photographer} new weekly blogpost - Together Tuesdays!!  Been thinking about this for some time now... a creative outlet for me, something to think about to get my juices flowing, and something to share with you.  So, every Tuesday (and I am really hoping I can keep up with it), I am planning to post a blog that relates to the word "together."  Not to be weird, but I actually looked up the word, and the definitions include, "with each other, as a unit, considered as a whole."  With that in mind, I'm thinking the sky is the limit.  Could be people, things, food, design, love, to be honest, I'm not completely sure.  But, I love the word together, its meaning, its implications, its coziness. Just thinking about it makes me happy, and with that, I present my first image - souls together

p.s. I just got this in under the clock - only 3 minutes until Wednesday!