trinity {south florida teen photographer}

Walking into this photo shoot, I was already excited.  I was excited because I would was about to photograph the daughter of a boy I had known since I was about 16, the brother of one of my best friends ever.  I had met her before, when she was younger, but had never spent any time with her.  I even had Reese along as a sidekick (I mean assistant).  So, this was really my first time getting to know Trinity, and I just fell in love with her.  And so did Reese.  We walked around the park, sweating our butts off, and she was beautiful and fun and sweet and playful and a great sport (about the sweating and the bugs).  We only wished that she lived in Florida so that Reese could have her as  a babysitter and that we could spend more time with her.  Thank you Brian, for letting me get to know Trinity, even a little, and it was wonderful to spend time with both of you.  Enjoy the Sneak Peek!  xoxo