vizcaya {miami child photographer}

This past weekend, I went to Vizcaya in Miami to do a walk through with my bride and groom for an upcoming wedding (this Saturday actually!).  I had not been to Vizcaya since I was in high school, when I went on a field trip to see the play Romeo and Juliet performed in the garden.  I have to admit, I definitely did not appreciate how beautiful it was as a teenager.  But, oh what a treat it was on Saturday!  I brought Reese and my mom with me so that we could walk the grounds and tour the estate after my meeting.  We went through all of the many garden areas, with Reese running through the mazes, climbing the stone stairs, going through gazebos and watching the bay.  We toured the amazing house, envisioning the place back in the 20s, with all of its beauty.  It was such a lovely afternoon, and I just had to share some of the images - enjoy! xoxo

--and I have to thank my mom, for insisting on taking my camera and snapping a few shots of Reese and I.  I always resist, but then am so happy to have images of me with my kids.