waiting for the rain { south florida child photographer }

I watched the weather all day today, waiting for it to rain, almost holding my breath each time the sky darkened.  But, it wasn't raining for my first minisession of the day, so we ventured out in the wind and clouds.  I literally met Julia for a quick second before I whisked her around the park.  She was amazing, freezing in her pretty dress, not caring that her hair was flying around (which I absolutely LOVE).  This was the only minisession I was able to shoot today before the rain hit.  I couldn't help but post a little Sneak Peek, because she is so lovely and was incredibly easy going.  Enjoy!  And, I will see the rest of my minisession clients tomorrow, in the sunshine! blog11



I will be blogging a lot this week - I have my South Florida Women in Business blog coming out on Monday, the rest of the minisession Sneak Peeks from Karen and Rob's fundraiser, and Wayne is actually on his way home right now from a SmileyBooth event, and I'll post some fun pics from that too!