walking around downtown hollywood {south florida child photographer}

In my never ending search for new locations for photo shoots, I walked around downtown Hollywood with my friend, Cheryl, and her very cute 5 year old daughter, exploring the nooks and crannies of the streets and alleys.  I had photographed her daughter a few years ago and then we worked on a project together for Hispanic Unity, and since then, Cheryl and I have become friends.  The funny thing is, Cheryl's daughter was always so shy with me.  Then, the other day, she was totally herself, nutty, silly, funny - all rolled up into one.  It reminded me of my children - shy to others, but when they get home, in their own element, they are maniacs!  Basically, we had a great time, and I really enjoyed downtown Hollywood.  Looking forward to another photo shoot there (;  Thank you Cheryl!  xoxo child-photography1


This next image is easily one of my favorites of this year...