baby tate { south florida newborn photographer }

Meet Baby Tate - he is only one day old and absolutely adorable.  I was thrilled to be invited to the hospital by my good friend and fellow photographer, Tracy, to document this time in their family's life.  Tracy's room was pretty small, but we were able to fit 6 adults, one toddler and the baby, and occasionally a nurse too.  Tate was quite a trooper for his first photo shoot.  His big brother was so cute and exhausted, having missed his nap.  By the end, both Dad and big brother were asleep, and baby Tate and his mom (the real trooper!!) were wide awake - go figure!  Thank you, Tracy, for letting me share this special moment with you. xoxo blog1

Look how sleepy he is!




I love this cute polka dot blanket.




sweet dreams...