The Oceanaire { south florida event photographer }

I was having a pretty relaxing day today. Both girls were home, so my day went something like this -  a little coloring, a little Old Maid, some Easy Bake Oven, a little TV, some reading and a nap.  Then last minute I got a call to run down to Miami to photograph a few dishes for a magazine article about The Oceanaire's chef, Sean. The Oceanaire Seafood Room is a wonderful restaurant in Mary Brickell Key - great ambiance, delicious food and fun location.  So, I drove down and had a fantastic time photographing a few dishes on one of their outdoor tables and also at a table inside.  I was able to use the beautiful natural light to capture this colorful, gorgeous and delicious food.  It was such a fun and creative change for me, and I really loved it!




After the shoot, I was able to taste this amazing dessert - I believe it is called Tres Leches, and it was amazing!