Family Photo Session at the Park {fort lauderdale family photographer}

Well, my holiday season has officially begun!  I have maybe one afternoon session left until December, and I have so many families that I am excited to see over the next few months.  With all these family sessions upon me, my friend and fellow photographer, Tracy, and I have been talking a lot lately about creativity and style, and being true to yourself as an artist.  Our talks always inspire me to be a better photographer, and remind me about what type of photographer I am and want to be.  The one constant we have is that we are always changing, growing.  Well, we had one of our talks before this shoot, and it really inspired me to be true to myself.  And, I feel that is reflected in this family photo session.  The Stokes are a wonderful family that I had the pleasure of photographing probably about three years ago.  The kids have grown so much, but they are still the same sweet and fun children I met years ago.  They were perfect at their session - because perfect to me as a photographer is imperfect - a real family, that is fun and laid back and playful.  A real joy to photograph.  Thank you Stokes Family for being so laid back and genuine, and for waiting out the rain (a few times!).  Enjoy your Sneak Peek! ••by the way, I want a family portrait like this one!

every mom should have images like this (: