reese turns three! {fort lauderdale child photographer}

I've been channeling Martha lately (according to my sister), and for Reese's 3rd birthday, I was feeling quite crafty and DIY-like.  We were only having family and family friends over, but I couldn't help myself.  Three is such a sweet age - still young enough to call her my baby, but old enough to understand and enjoy her birthday.  So, I made chocolate lollipops and pretzels, baked cupcakes, had an abundance of fresh flowers, and my favorite, created photo banners with images of Reese over the past year that guests could sign with a message for her.  I even made a delicious mango/avocado slaw (thanks to a great recipe from one of Wayne's clients - and boy was it yummy!). So, now my baby Reese is three years old.  She is sleeping in a "big" bed, with snuggly quilts from both of her grandmothers.  She started ballet class today.  She likes her hair in a ponytail or braids.  Here are a few other things that make Reese the very silly, sweet, crazy, funny and smart girl she is today.

• She likes to lip sync silently to words we are not sure exist in the English language.

• She often starts a sentence with, "You be the baby and I be the Mommy."

• She LOVES Jessie from Toy Story.

• She can belt out the ABCs, and is also well versed in Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Happy Trails, as well as Boom Boom Pow and Bad Romance.

• She has declared that she loves camp, not school.

• She gets married (often to me) at least three times a week.

• She has a second home in a giant box that lives in our living room (don't worry, it has a window and a door).

• When she gets in trouble, she cries out for her big sister and big brother (to save her of course).

• She likes to layer her clothes, for example, put a pink, hooded bathing suit coverup over a fancy dress (with the hood on).  She finds this look very stylish.

• She can't seem to sit at the dinner table, as we often find her under the table, in the other room, or anywhere other than in her seat.

• She really enjoys "potty talk." (much to our dismay, but she is quite hilarious).

I could go on and on, but I'll stop here and save more for another day.  Reese's birthday was a celebration of the incredible day this beautiful, wonderful little girl came into our lives and made the world just a little brighter.

Ahhh, Jessie...

I really love my photo banner.  I can't bear to take it down.  I'm thinking of my taking one of the rows and putting it in Reese's bedroom, maybe?

I actually made it into a photograph.  Woo hoo!!!!

Had to post the yummy slaw - I was sad that it was all eaten!